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It's true that the majority of players are seeking strategies to win games. While certain games feature strategies for playing to win however, gambling games aren't so. The clue lies in the title - "gambling!" So before we start I'd like to dispel the misconception that I'll be providing you with a plan to win when playing Fan Tan. It's not my intention. What I'll do is help you understand the types of bets available, which are best to take while avoiding those most likely to cause you to lose your cash, unless you're really lucky.

The best bets to play If you're looking to be a winner at Fan Tan

The best bet 番攤必勝 is most frequently is most of the time is Ssh 3-2-1 or 4-3-2 21-4, or the 1-4-3. It is the least profitable but it gives you three chances of winning. This bet is ideal for those looking increase your bankroll and slowly build up a modest profit. You won't win much with this bet except if you bet a substantial sum, to begin with.

The worst bet you can make in Fan Tan

The best bet to bet on, but also it that will pay the highest can be the Fan bet. You have a 1 in 4 chance of winning. The payout is the ratio is 2.85:1.

Even money Bets

The even-money bets have a similar structure to bets that are outside of roulette, with two options - either you win or lose. The Kwok bet offers two chances to win since you're betting on two numbers. If either comes in you are rewarded. This bet is somewhat more volatile that the Ssh bet and is why it earns a payout of 0.95:1.

Middle of the Road Bet

It is the Nim bet where you pick two numbers. The one number is called the Win number, and the second number is The Push number. If the first is in, you win 1:90:1, if the second comes in you get your stake money returned as a Push. This bet is ideal for those who prefer to add a bit of fun to the betting process and still have the possibility of winning 50-50. any kind of outcome - the winner or push.

Strategy Tips

The following outlines the betting strategies as well as their risk, but strategies are also based on intuition and luck to determine what you are betting on. Take note of the statistics and see what the past results have shown. It could reveal "tells" regarding the way the dealer selects the amount of beads. If they repeat the same actions then they are likely to pick up a similar number of beads each time. So check to see whether that's happening by looking out for patterns.


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