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Custom Made Baby Changing Stations

We don't want you to miss out on the best baby changing stations around! Our selection of luxury, contemporary designed changing table dresser are perfect for any home. With so many styles and finishes available it's hard not finding something that matches your personal taste or needs- but we're here if need help picking. These beautiful, high-quality baby changing tables will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for you child. They convert from a Nursery changing station to dresser after use as well; making them perfect storage options when your little one has moved out of the nursery! Choose between wood or iron designs - each with its own unique style but equally convenient in any setting. We've got something available no matter what style catches your eye first time around here at Baby Cots Shop. Your baby's nursery deserves only the finest furnishings. Visit our boutique in Chelsea and see what treasures await you, or shop online for an unforgettable experience with designer furniture from around world!


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